Our Team

Our team from top to bottom is composed of seasoned direct mail veterans –some eclipsing 30 years in the industry.  We understand and apply the fundamentals of direct marketing but are continuing to research and implement the latest in techniques and technology to enhance our clients' growth.  

Key Senior Management

Russ Stewart Chief Operating Officer

Russ brings 30 years of industry experience in production management and leading operations to Com-Pak.  He has worked for industry recognized names including Transcontinental Direct, Cenveo and National Envelope. His focus is on work flow and process refinement to enhance operational efficiencies and refine quality measures while driving increased through put.  He is certified in Toyota lean manufacturing techniques and has applied these techniques here at Com-Pak.  An avid hunter and fisherman, Russ says he does some of his best thinking sitting 20 feet up in a tree stand on a rainy day during deer season.

Andrea Giordano Director of Client Services

Andrea oversees the all-important client services side of the business.  Andrea has a quarter century of experience in customer interaction experience.  She previously coached a team of nearly two dozen CSR’s and assistants at CCI and CC3.  During her tenure at Transcontinental Direct, she handled this role as well as managing the important American Express account.  Andrea is very level headed and has a special skill of looking ahead to foresee possible challenges in production long before they might arise.  Andrea has two special loves in her life, her 9-year-old daughter Danielle and dark chocolate.