Case Studies

Maximize Postal Savings


A new fundraising client had mailed all of his work using traditional destination entry and drop shipping for most of his mailings in the 400,000 piece range.  The mailing consisted of several versions and mail panels. There was some reluctance on his part to look at commingling, because he was convinced that drop ship was the most cost effective approach.


We offered to do a head to head test on the next mailing using our commingling services vs straight drop shipping and local entry.The initial file had a little over 324,000 records mailing primarily on the east coast. Drop shipping yielded about 69.5% to NDC level, 4% to SCF and balance to local entry. By running through our commingling process, we were able to qualify 95% to SCF level and another 5% to NDC and local entry.


After all fees and services, the client netted an additional savings of several thousand dollars and improved his in –home dates by an avg of 2 -3 days due to increased SCF delivery. The resulted in an increased cash flow for our client and improved ROI on the mail program.


Managing In Home Dates & Inbound Calls


An new insurance client was client was experiencing a spike in call center volume creating staffing challenges and call abandonment issues due to the timing of delivery of their mail. The client did not have enough volume to consistently mail to the SCF’s.  Their mail would get delayed in NDC’s and causing the peaks and valleys in the calls centers

We offered a solution by analyzing their mailing data to create a plan using our commingling and logistics solution to better time the in home dates of their mail.  By using our Friday pool date with a West to East mail dispatch coupled with our high SCF levels (90% - 94%) from the commingling center we are able to smooth out the call volume throughout the week. We also suggested tracking the mail via our online tracking tool to  gain visibility to the mail before it is delivered.


The client was able to reduce the call abandonment rate by 22% and better staff their call center.