Postal Mitigation Tools

Com-Pak is committed to ease the postage burden for all of our clients. We use every available means to guarantee that you are realizing the greatest cost savings on your postage. Com-Pak utilizes all of the following tools at our disposal, including proprietary state of the art MarketPoint-developed systems for full postal analysis. We'll even work with you to design the most "postage-friendly" package formats.

  •  USPS Full Service Certified/ Mail Anywhere
  •  Presort and CASS Certification
  • Destination Discounts: NDC(Network Distribution Center)/SCF(Sectional Center Facilities)
  • On-site Postal Facility
  • Commingling
  • Logistics and Freight
  • Postal One! / Submitting Files Electronically (EDoc)
  • Seamless acceptance

Commingling mail allows Com-Pak to combine different mailstreams for presentation to the USPS with higher density and lower postage rates. Typically, the larger the mailstream, the lower the per piece postage cost, and so the ability to combine different mailstreams and present the USPS a larger mailstream would result in a lower per piece postage cost. This lower per piece postage, combined with a now better availability of distribution - results in higher postal penetration, higher drop ship potential and overall the lowest possible postage for our clients. Indicia, Meter, Stamp, Profit or Non-Profit - Com-Pak can commingle it all in-house. Unlike most commingling operations, Com-Pak can use multiple CAPS accounts in each pool.

Full Service Certification:

Com-Pak Services, has been approved by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) as an Intelligent Mail full-service facility. Full Service Certification will allow Com-Pak clients greater discounts on postage as well as other value added enhancements that the USPS is offering to clients using Full Service providers only.

 The use of the IMB can also provide other benefits including Free "Start the Clock" information and Free ACS information. Additionally, the use of the IMB also provides mailers with other indirect benefits including easier use of the Confirm Service for the tracking of mail through the system.

 To meet the requirements for full-service certification, Com-Pak Services submitted to a thorough process by the USPS that examined Com-Pak's intelligent mail capabilities and Com-Pak's ability to meet all of the stringent requirements as outlined by the USPS.

 Intelligent Mail Full Service is the most significant change in recent history by the Postal Service. As the USPS moves forward with the need to improve efficiencies and reduce cost, Com-Pak has been on the leading edge to bring our customers the most effective way to work with the USPS.